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How to create a plan

How to create a plan that is sustainable and works quickly

Meals you want to eat a day

How many meals you want to eat a day to boost your metabolism and burn fat

5 Key Factors to a Fat Burning Workout

The 5 key factors to a fat burning workout you can do in less than 30 minutes a day

Discover the scientific breakthrough
that has become the secret weapon on the war on fat!

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Success stories

"I've tried so many diets without any lasting success, I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans in two months! And I've learned how to keep it off."

"My After-After is my family's well-being, one healthy meal and supplement at a time." *

- Becky

Learn why carbs are ok
and which ones to choose

Learn why carbs are ok

We’ll reveal why most diets leave you feeling hungry
and what to do about it

We’ll share links to helpful resources
and more…

Results May Vary From Person To Person *

Success stories

"I used to feel like an outsider. Now, I'm finally able to go out for sports, and I'm president of my high school intramural club!"

"My After-After is my ability to actually enjoy life. I'm no longer in the shadows; I'm living my life!" *

- Aaron


  • 7 big secrets to losing weight
  • 7 big secrets to losing weight content
  • why most diets don't work
  • lose the right weight
  • healthy carbs to choose
  • benefits of hydration
  • tips to fit exercise into your life

About Me

Thanks for visiting my site!

Sometimes you look in the mirror and don’t really see the
truth. But when I look at my before and after pictures, I realize that in 2013
I was a lot bigger than what I saw in the mirror. I was definitely on the wrong
road when I retired from long, stressful hours at work as a pharmacy manager. I
needed a change. That’s when I decided to do a healthy cleanse which kick
started my weight loss.  Then I continued
with changing my eating habits, supplementing and replacing at least one meal a
day with a Life Shake. I understand now how important it is to build muscle on
my way to weight loss. I can change the make up of my body from fat to muscle
and increase my metabolism and reshape my body.

One of the main reasons I want to share this e-book with as
many people as possible, is because I’m tired of seeing people and their
families struggle to find the right answers for maintaining a healthy weight. I
see what is happening to people who eat the Standard American Diet (SAD) or yo-yo diet like I did for most of my life.  Have you noticed what is happening in
America?  Something is terribly wrong. I
hope my special report can help you as much as it’s helped so many others
who’ve already read it.

Here's to your healthy weight! 

Chris Koban